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October 12, 2009
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Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS
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Oct 12, 2009, 8:49:49 PM
The Jellyfish and the Shark by kurisquare The Jellyfish and the Shark by kurisquare
edit 2 now open for critiques, ignore the bad quality of the photo though ;n; pfft

EDIT for the millionth time, PHOTOS LOOK BETTER THAN SCANS. it looks a little messier but at least it gets the colours RIGHT FFFFF NOT LIKE THAT CRAPPY SCANNER >8|

late birthday gift for my birthday partner :iconicefireangel:!

Being both me and Icey's birthday, drawing some Nielsen & Lily was a must LOL ;v; plus I'd never drawn any serious arts of them before so blaaaahhh this just had to be done :heart:

Anyways, this was a lot of fun! haven't done anything with markers for a while, and I also got to try my new grey markers~ 8D the only thing I hate with a passion is the background on Niel's side which I screwed up completely but AH WELL there's nothing I can do about it right? pfft ;__; /facedesk

also I hope I got the colours right, I did everything by memory OTL


hope you like it Icey, ilu ;v; :heart: :heart:

0.1 & 0.3 Fineliners + Prismacolor, Yoken & Tria markers + White Sharpie + Cretacolor watercolour pencils.
Lily © ~IcefireAngel
Nielsen © =Kuriru
Do not steal/copy/redistribute!
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First critique, so I'm gonna give this as good a shot as possible.

Here we have two very contrasting characters. On our left is Nielsen, who has a shark motif, and on our right is Lily, who has a jellyfish motif.

Nielsen inhabits gloomier waters than Lily, and is clearly confined into some sort of regime by the looks of his clothing. His eyes are dull and gray and his entire expression is downcast. His hat and uniform are of dark colors, and given the size of the hat he is perhaps meant to be an imposing figure. But he's not his clothing, and given the longing look as he views the jellyfish in his hands, it may not be a life he had chosen for himself.

In stark contrast is Lilly, living in a bright and happy environment. Her dress gives off an impression of bubbly-ness and it just gives me a generally positive feeling. She gazes outward, either longing like Nielsen or daydreaming. She has a placated and hopeful expression about her, perhaps seeing the world in a different light than Nielsen.

This may explain the differences in the backgrounds. Nielsen's space is dark, and crowded with bubbles. He is clearly not oblivious to his surroundings as his eyes seem to creep towards the bubbles and away from Lily, and he may perhaps be choosing to ignore them or trying to ignore them so he can concentrate on the jellyfish, Lily.

While in contrast we have Lily who is surrounded by nothing but bright, white space. She is looking out into the world and seeing nothing that crowds her space or puts her down, she's flowing and happy about it. Her eyes don't seem to be focused on the shark, Nielsen at all. Nielsen is in fact, clinging on to her and she does not seem to be moved or excited by this effort.

The relationships between these two intrigue me. Nielsen must truly have feelings for Lily, and given his uniform (and an assumed job on my part as some sort of guard) these feelings of love are mixed in with his need to protect her. Lily on the other hand must not realize the deeds Niel does for her, or perhaps she is but cannot fully comprehend them and love him for doing so. It feels like Niel will never truly be happy in the end, his mind will always have to be on the things Lily must be protected on, and Lilly will always be oblivious to it due to her innocent demeanor.

Perhaps Niel thinks that by exposing her to what he does could destroy her innocence, changing her from the happy person he longs for, into a person too much like himself.

Kinda sad really.

Anywho, I like the overall concept of the piece, and the designs are quite original. A well crafted and colored piece and a fine example of Kuriru's technique as an artist and specifically a colorist.

The impact is strong, probably one of her stronger pieces. It says a lot without showing a lot, and you really need to look into it to see all that is going on. It's a great little shot of two very different people who are involved in each others lives for better or for worse.
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Mit-Su-Ki Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
que tipo de papel usas o.o?
kurisquare Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
Para la mayoría de mis dibujos con plumones he usado el típico block Artel, de esos que se usan en el colegio (:
Mit-Su-Ki Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
ooh! enserio? gracias te pasaste :D
kurisquare Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
síp! de nada :D
CuteCatastrophe Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Student General Artist
Never thought of this, I love your style! It's so bright and adorable :heart:
Nixen713 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010
This is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. Love it :)
karla14fiushia Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2009
O: sooo preeeeetttyyy *stares at the computer wide eyed* ..hmm there seems to be a story after this drawing,, is it posted anywhere? because it seems interesting :D
kurisquare Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2009
it's an RP with a friend, most of them are lyring around Tegaki.... :)
Invader-Kinko Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2009  Student General Artist
I don't critique to save a life. I absolutely love <3 this drawing!!! Who ever says bad things can go play twister with zombies.
HyperNeko-chan2 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
how cute~
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